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All our beef is 100% pasture fed from our pedigree Red Poll herd, born and raised in their family groups on our farm in Cheshire and respectfully slaughtered by our butchery partner Edge & Sons.

We are constantly striving to make sure our business is as sustainable as possible and we believe that the WHOLE COW is valuable and not just the cuts that you always see in the supermarkets,.  

Therefore we have chosen to sell our beef in mixed boxes as this makes the best possible use of the carcass. We have put together a range to suit different budgets and family sizes and this helps to ensure that no part of our precious animals get wasted. Like our animals, these boxes are all individual and the contents will vary although they often include a roasting joint, steak and mince along with other mixed items.

We hope that there is something that is right for you. As we get to know our customers we always try to include your preferred items.  Do get in contact if you cannot see what you are looking for and we will do our best to help. We are happy to share tips on how to cook with something that you may not be familiar with.

£ £20 + P&P
£ £45 + P&P
£ £85 + P&P
£ £140 FREE P&P