The Sunshine

We have put this mini selection box together in honour of Oaklands Sunshine who was born here on the farm on a glorious day in May 2016 to one of our original foundation cows. This beef box makes a great gift that we can mail out or hand deliver on your behalf. Tell us who this is for in the comments box or what the occasion is (birthday, new home, thank you…..) and we will do the rest. A great way to send a little Ray of Sunshine to someone special!

In keeping with our sustainable farming principles of using the whole animal, the contents of our beef boxes vary but will include a range from the following cuts: steaks, mince, stewing or braising steak, shin, brisket, burgers, sausages and a roasting joint . As we get to know our customers we do our best to include your preferred items. You may like to visit our Recipes section for some ideas if you need them plus we are always on hand if you need any tips on how to cook with something that you may not be so familiar with.