The Diamond

Diamond is one half of our first ever set of heifer twins so like this box, she’s a little bit special! This is our most expensive combination box as we’ve added in some of the rarer and more costly cuts so you might find rib, fillet or sirloin as well as our personal favourite roasting joint, the Top Rump. We are biased of course because we think all our beef is the best you can find, but we think you will find this is a gem of a box!!

Remember that we believe that the whole cow is valuable, so the contents of the boxes may vary from month to month. Every box will include a roasting joint, steak, mince and something for the slow oven. If you choose an upgrade, you will receive more content, but we will always ensure that you receive a good range of meat. As we get to know our customers we do our best to include your preferred items and we are always on hand if you need any tips on how to cook with something that you may not be so familiar with.