Short Ribs

Short Ribs are also known as Jacob’s Ladder or brisket on the bone and have traditionally been an underused cut of beef. However the trend in American barbecue food has helped to bring them to the fore. They are also increasingly recognised as a popular restaurant dish, perhaps because of their perfect meat to fat ratio. They slow cook beautifully as they don’t dry out and although they can be used in a similar way to pork belly, the end result isn’t as fatty. We can either cut them as a single piece of six bones or more commonly in smaller portions as this is what many recipes require. One of our favourite recipes for Short Ribs is on the BBC Good Food website.

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Chuck Eye Steak

The Chuck Eye or Delmonico steak is often called the “poor man’s ribeye”. It’s quite a lot cheaper than the traditional Ribeye steak we sell.

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