Chuck Eye Steak

The Chuck Eye or Delmonico steak is often called the “poor man’s ribeye”. It’s quite a lot cheaper than the traditional Ribeye steak we sell. We cut it from further along the muscle at the 5th rib (the Ribeye comes from the 6th-12th ribs). As its closer to the shoulder (or “chuck”), it’s a little firmer in texture but it still boasts the same great marbling and the deep meaty flavour that you would expect from a Ribeye.

Chuck Eye steak loves a marinade or rub (let the steak sit uncovered for at least an hour to absorb the flavours) and it should be cooked hot and fast on a grill pan or BBQ. We like to serve it rare and certainly recommend you cook it no more than medium.

You won’t often see this steak as we can only cut a couple of these from the rib but do make a note in the comments box when you place your order if you would like to give them a try.

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