It’s been all about the grass!

Farmers are never happy unless they have something to moan about and you won’t be surprised to know that this Spring the hot topic of

Spring is in the air!

Our cattle are still inside but we are hoping to let them back out into the fields in the next couple of weeks. We still

New stock on the way!

Apologies for the radio silence, we have had a busy few weeks with the run into Christmas and of course the work on the farm

Yuletide Gifts!

Work on the farm continues year round and it seemed only right when we had a calf born during the festive period in 2018 that

Feeling festive?

I am struggling to even think about Christmas at the moment with everything else that is going on but we are starting to get lots

Proud mum moment!

Our junior homebred bull Oaklands Pangolin (Pango) is doing so well. He has spent the last few weeks outside grazing our lush Cheshire grass with

We love our customers!

Wow, such a busy time with orders this week and such a joy to get to the weekend and see our fridges empty!! We are

Eating out!

There is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing your home grown grass fed beef on the menu in one of the North West’s top restaurants!

Back British Farming Day 2020

We are lending our support to the NFU’s #backbritishfarming day, today 9th September. British farmers work hard to produce high quality, healthy food. We are

Brightening up a rainy day

I loved seeing a splash of colour at the top of our grazing paddocks today when I was out walking the dog. The weather has