It’s been all about the grass!

Farmers are never happy unless they have something to moan about and you won’t be surprised to know that this Spring the hot topic of conversation has been the weather!

The early part of the year was much drier than normal and back in April the ground was so cracked you would think it was mid August in a drought! And it was just so cold everywhere as well. Nothing was growing and although we turned the cows back out into the fields, we still had to feed them silage as we didn’t have enough grass.

Then came the rain! So needed in many ways but of course once it starts it never knows when to stop and it made for a miserable few weeks for us all. We took the unusual decision to keep the heavily pregnant cows inside so that they could calve in better conditions and to reduce the number of feet churning up the pastures.

Thankfully in the last couple of weeks it feels that we have turned a corner. Improved temperatures and the sodden ground have made for perfect growing conditions and everything has gone mad (including the weeds in the garden!).

Of course the next problem will be how to stop the greedy Red Polls gorging on this lush new growth and getting too fat but then we have to have something to complain about don’t we!

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