Brightening up a rainy day

I loved seeing a splash of colour at the top of our grazing paddocks today when I was out walking the dog. The weather has been so wet and stormy so this brightness was a real mood lifter.

We have lots of footpaths crossing our farm and over the years have had some issues caused by dogs, including sadly a number of cows aborting due to Neosporosis which is a parasite found in dog mess.

We took the decision to fence off our most frequently used footpath to enable dog walkers to pass through the farm without having to walk through the middle of the cattle, enabling us to safely graze our “maternity” groups.

This meant losing a small amount of grazing land but by doing so, we have been able to create a beautiful nature walk for walkers to pass through safely. At 74 years young, my dad took control of the whole project and chose native plants and trees and we are really reaping the benefit of his hard work now.

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