Time for the bottle!

A busy week trying to get old Bramble to manage her new arrivals! She has been really reluctant to take to the second calf, not helped perhaps by the fact that her milk supply has been low which is not uncommon in a cow of her age. We have been standing with her a few times during the day, letting her feed from a bucket and giving her some fuss and then quietly letting the calf latch on to drink from her without her realising. Sadly though inbetween feeds the calf was sitting away from her and his sister in the furthest corner of the pen, looking very unloved and we felt we had to take action!! So at the weekend we took the decision to put them all back in the field and we have started to feed the unwanted calf on the bottle. He has taken to this really well and seems to be enjoying the company of the other young calves. He keeps trying to feed from mum but with no luck but we are keeping our fingers crossed that one of the other cows may adopt him… Red Polls make good mums and we have had success with this in the past so we will see. In the meantime we are finding him extremely cute and are all falling over ourselves to take our turn at feeding him!

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